This page contains lists of typography resources I’ve curated for my students. The books, articles, and sites here are ones I have read or visited myself, know well, and can recommend, even if I don’t agree with all of the claims or approaches they contain or represent. I’ve also limited the lists to English-language texts and sites, for the benefit of my students.

I am sure there are entries I would have included had I remembered them. I’ll try to update the lists at least once a year, more often when I can manage it.

Denise Gonzalez Crisp, Typography
Cyrus Highsmith, Inside paragraphs
John Kane, A type primer
Willi Kunz, Typography: macro- and microaesthetics
Kunz, Typography: formation and transformation
Ellen Lupton, Thinking with type (2ed)
Lupton, ed, Type on screen
Jan Middendorp, Shaping text
Emil Ruder, Typographie
Erik Spiekermann, Rhyme and reason
Spiekermann, Stop stealing sheep and find out how type works (3ed)

_Exercise and example books
Carolina De Bartolo, Experiments in typography: mastering the art of fine typesetting
Kimberley Elam, Grid systems
Elam, Typographic systems
Elam, Geometry of design (rev ed)
Timothy Samara, Design basics: layout
Samara, Publication design workbook
Samara, Making and breaking the grid
Samara, Typographic design

_Reference manuals
Phil Baines & Andrew Haslam, Type and typography (2ed)
Robert Bringhurst, The elements of typographic style (4.0)
Leslie Carbarga, The logo, font, and lettering bible
Karen Cheng, Designing type
Stephen Coles, The anatomy of type
Geoffrey Dowding, Finer points in the spacing and arrangement of type
Richard Eckersley et al, Glossary of typesetting terms
Allan Haley, ed, Typography referenced
Andrew Haslam, Book design: a comprehensive guide
Haslam, Lettering: A reference manual of techniques
James Felici, The complete manual of typography (2ed)
Jost Hochuli, Detail in typography
Hochuli & Robin Kinross, Designing books
Michael Mitchell & Susan Wightman, Book typography: a designer’s manual
Stanley Morison, First principles of typography
Josef Müller-Brockmann, Grid systems in graphic design
Joep Pohlen, Letter fountain: on printing types
Hugh Williamson, Methods of book design

_Monographs by designers
Otl Aicher, Typographie (German and English)
Bram de Does, Kaba-ornament (Dutch and English)
de Does, Trinité and Lexicon
W A Dwiggins, WAD to RR: a letter about designing type
Eric Gill, An essay on typography
Jost Hochuli, Printed matter, mainly books
Stanley Morison, Politics and script
Gerrit Noordzij, The stroke: theory of writing
Helmut Schmid, Gestaltung ist Haltung / Design is attitude (German/English)
Fred Smeijers, Type now (and work so far)
Jan Tschichold, The new typography
Tschichold, Asymmetric typography
Gerard Unger, While you’re reading
Wolfgang Weingart, My way to typography

_Monographs about designers
Nicholas Barker, Stanley Morison
Lewis Blackwell, The end of print: the grafik design of David Carson
Christopher Burke, Paul Renner: the art of typography
Burke, Active literature (Jan Tschichold)
Cees W. de Jong et al, Jan Tschichold: his life, work, & legacy
Johannes Erler, Hello I am Erik (Erik Spiekermann)
Gerd Fleischmann et al, eds, max bill: typography, advertising, book design (German & English)
Robin Kinross, Anthony Froshaug: typography and texts/documents of a life
Mathieu Lommen, Bram de Does: typographer and type designer
Ruari McLean, Jan Tschichold: a life in typography

_Essay anthologies & collections (by designers, single author)
Gerrit Noordzij, Letterletter
Jan Tschichold, Schriften 1925–1974 (2vol) (some English, mostly German)
Tschichold, The form of the book
Hermann Zapf, Hermann Zapf and his design philosophy

_Essay anthologies & collections (multiple authors)
Clifton et al, eds, Whatever next: a discourse on typography
Sara De Bondt & Fraser Muggeridge, eds, The form of the book book
Neville Brody and Jon Wozencroft, eds, FUSE 1–20
Francesco Franchi, ed, Designing news
Steven Heller & Philip Meggs, eds, Texts on type
Henk Hoeks & Ewan Lentjes, eds, The triumph of typography: culture communication new media
Robin Kinross, Unjustified texts
Osterer & Stamm, eds, Adrian Frutiger—typefaces. The complete works
ECAL/Louise Paradis, with Roland Früh & François Rappo, eds, 30 Years of Swiss Typographic Discourse in the Typografische Monatsblätter
Rudy Vanderlans, ed, Emigre no. 70: the look back issue

_Books and articles on history, method, technology
Peter Bain & Paul Shaw, Blackletter: type and national identity
Sophie Beier, Reading letters
Robert Bringhurst, The solid form of language
Peter Burnhill, Type spaces
Harry Carter, A view of early typography
Warren Chappell & Robert Bringhurst, A short history of the printed word
Ewan Clayton, The golden thread: a history of writing
Timothy Donaldson, Shapes for sounds
Johanna Drucker, The alphabetic labyrinth
Drucker, The visible word
Ruxandra Duru, ‘Type foundries today’
Ecole Cantonale D’art De Lausanne, We make fonts
ECAL, Typeface as program
Nicolete Gray, A history of lettering
Keith Houston, Shady characters
Albert Kapr, Art of lettering
Emily King, ‘Digital type decade’, Eye 40
King, ‘New faces’
Robin Kinross, ‘The digital wave’, Eye 7
Kinross, ‘Type as critique’, Typography papers 2 (see also Gerrit Noordzij’s ‘Reply’)
Kinross, Modern typography
Alexander Lawson, Anatomy of a typeface
Jan Middendorp, Dutch type
Lars Müller, ed, Helvetica forever
Paul Shaw, ed, The eternal letter
Fred Smeijers, Counterpunch (2ed)
Herbert Spencer, Pioneers of modern typography
Richard Southall, Printer’s type in the twentieth century
Walter Tracy, Letters of credit
John Updike, A history of printing types, 2 vol

_Compendiums & compilations
Alan Bartram, Five hundred years of book design
John Berry, ed, Language culture type
Joseph Blumenthal, et al, Art of the printed book
Hans Rudolf Bosshard, The typographic grid
Neville Brody & Jon Wozencroft, FUSE 1–20
Tony Brook & Adrian Shaughnessy, Type plus
Petra Eisele, Isabel Naegele, and Annette Ludwig, eds, Neue Schriften. New typefaces
J Namdev Hardisty, Function, restraint, and subversion in typography
Richard Hendel, On book design
Linda Kudrnovská & Michel Chenaud eds, 365 Typo 1 2014–2015
Norma Levarie, The art & history of books
Deborah Littlejohn, curator, ‘Golden age?’ Eye 71
Jan Middendorp & Erik Spiekermann, Made with FontFont
Tony Brook, Claudia Klat, & Adrian Shaughnessy, eds, Type only
Teal Triggs, The typographic experiment

_Journals & magazines
Eye Magazine
Information Design Journal
Slanted (German and English)
Typography Papers
Visible Language

Alessandro Segalini
Frank Blokland
Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography
FontBlog† (see especially the Using Type features)
Fonts in Use
I Love Typography (John Boardley, ed)
Indra Kupferschmid
Gerry Leonidas
Letterform Archive
Method of Action
Microsoft Typography Group
James Mosley
Dan Reynolds
Typography Guru
Typographic Posters
Typotheque (essays and writing)