typography reading lists

Note: I haven’t updated these lists since the fall of 2016. I’m posting them as is, in hopes I’ll be able to update them in the near- to medium-future and regularly maintain them thereafter.

Carter et al. / Typographic design: form and communication (6ed)
Craig & Scala / Designing with type (5ed)
De Bartolo & Spiekermann / Experiments in typography: mastering the art of fine typesetting
Elam / Grid systems
Elam / Typographic systems
Elam / Geometry of design (rev ed)
Gonzalez Crisp / Typography
Highsmith / Inside paragraphs
Kane / A type primer
Kunz / Typography: macro- and microaesthetics
Kunz / Typography: formation and transformation
Kupferschmid / Buchstaben kommen selten allein
Lupton / Thinking with type (2ed)
Lupton Ed. / Type on screen
Middendorp / Shaping text
Ruder / Typographie
Spiekermann / Rhyme and reason
Spiekermann / Stop stealing sheep and find out how type works (3ed)

Reference Manuals
Baines & Haslam / Type and typography
Bosshard / Technische Grundlagen zur Satzherstellung
Bosshard / Mathematische Grundlagen zur Satzherstellung
Bringhurst / The elements of typographic style (4.0)
Carbarga / The logo, font, and Lettering bible
Cheng / Designing type
Coles / The anatomy of type
Dowding / Finer points in the spacing and arrangement of type
Eckersley et al. / Glossary of typesetting terms
Haley / Typography referenced
Haslam / Book design: a comprehensive guide
Haslam / Lettering: A reference manual of techniques
Felici / The complete manual of typography (2ed)
Forsmann & De Jong / Detailtypografie
Hochuli / Detail in typography
Hochuli & Kinross / Designing books
Mitchell & Wightman / Book typography: a designer’s manual
Morison / First principles of typography
Müller-Brockmann / Grid systems in graphic design
Pohlen / Letter fountain: on printing types
Willberg / Erste Hilfe in Typografie
Willberg / Schriften erkennen
Willberg / Wegweiser schrift
Willberg / Typolemik/typophilie
Willberg & Forsmann / Lesetypografie
Williamson / Methods of book design

Monographs on type/typography by designers
Aicher / Typographie
De Does / Kaba-ornament
De Does / Trinité and Lexicon
Dwiggins / WAD to RR: a letter about designing type
Frutiger / Form and counterform
Frutiger / Der Mensch und seine Zeichen (3vol)
Gill / An Essay on typography
Hochuli / Printed matter, mainly books
Morison / Politics and script
Noordzij / The stroke: theory of writing
Renner / Die Kunst der Typographie
Schmid / Gestaltung ist Haltung
Smeijers / Type now (and work so far)
Tschichold / The new typography
Tschichold / Asymmetric typography
Unger / While you were reading
Weingart / My way to typography
Monographs on type/typography about designers
Barker / Stanley Morison
Bosshard / Max Bill kontra Jan Tschichold
Burke / Paul Renner
Burke / Active literature
Cost / The Bentons
De Jong et al. / Jan Tschichold: his life, work, & legacy
Erler / Hallo ich bin Erik
Fleischmann et al eds / Bill: Typografie
Kinross / Anthony Froshaug: typography and texts/documents of a life
Lommen & Lane / Bram de Does: typographer and type designer

Essay anthologies & collections on type/typography (single author)
Bosshard / Typografie Schrift Lesbarkeit
Noordzij / Letterletter
Noordzij / De handen van de zeven zusters
Tschichold / Schriften 1925–1974 (2vol)
Tschichold / The form of the book
Zapf / Hermann Zapf and his design philosophy

Essay anthologies & collections on type/typography (multiple authors)
Clifton et al, eds / Whatever next: a discourse on typography
De Bondt & Muggeridge, eds / The form of the book book
Eisele & Naegele, eds / Texte zur Typografie
Franchi, ed / Designing news
Graß, ed / Schriftgestaltung
Heller & Meggs, eds / Texts on type
Osterer & Stamm, Eds. / Adrian Frutiger—typefaces. The complete works
Paradis, with Früh & Rappo eds / TM RSI SGM 1960–90
Vanderlans, ed / Emigre no. 70: the look back issue

Books and articles on history, methods, technologies
Bain & Shaw / Blackletter: type and national identity
Beier / Reading letters
Bernau / Neutral
Blume et al / ‘Vom Buch auf die Straße. Große Schrift im öffentlichen Raum’ Journal der HGB #3
Bringhurst / The solid form of language
Burnhill / Type spaces
Carter / A view of early typography
Chappell & Bringhurst / A short history of the printed word
Clayton / The golden thread: a history of writing
Donaldson / Shapes for sounds
Drucker / The alphabetic labyrinth
Duru / Type foundries today ECAL / We make fonts
ECAL / Typeface as program
Gray / A history of lettering
Houston / Shady characters
Kapr / Art of lettering
Kapr / Fraktur: Form und Geschichte der Gebrochene Schriften
King / ‘The digital wave’ Eye 10
King / New faces
Kinross / ‘The digital wave’ Eye 7
Kinross / ‘Type as critique’ Typography papers 2
Kinross / Modern typography
Kinross / Unjustified texts
Lawson / Anatomy of a typeface
Mandel / ‘Developing an awareness of typographic letterforms’ Electronic publishing 6
Middendorp / Dutch type
Mosley / The nymph and the grot
Müller / Helvetica forever
Noordzij / ‘Reply to Robin Kinross’ Typography papers 2
Shaw, ed / The eternal letter
Slinn et al / History of the Monotype Corporation chs 2–3
Smeijers / Counterpunch (2ed)
Spencer / Pioneers of modern typography
Southall / Printer’s type in the twentieth century
Tracy / Letters of credit
Twyman / The British Library guide to printing
Updike / A history of printing types (2vol)
Willberg / Bücher, Träger des Wissens

Compendiums & compilations
Abbink & Anderson / 3DTypography
Bartram / 500 years of book design
Berry ed / Language culture type
Blumenthal et al / Art of the printed book
Bosshard / The typographic grid
Brody & Wozencroft / Fuse 1–20
Brook & Shaughnessy / Type plus
Fl@33 / The 3d type book
Hardisty / Function, restraint, and subversion in typography
Hendel / On book design
Kudrnovská & Chenaud eds / 365Typo 1 2014–2015
Littlejohn / ‘Golden age?’ Eye 71
Laurie / The art & history of books
Middendorp & Spiekermann / Made with FontFont
Naegele Et Al. Eds. / Neue Schriften/New typefaces
Samara / Design basics: layout
Samara / Publication design workbook
Samara / Making and breaking the grid
Samara / Typographic design
Sinclair & Brook / Type only
Triggs / The typographic experiment

Journals & magazines that feature typography
Eye Magazine
Information Design Journal
Typography Papers
Visible Language

Websites for writing on, examples of, tools for, and information & news about type/typography
365typo 365typo.com
Alphabettes alphabettes.com
Alessandro Segalini as8.it/edu/typography.html
Frank Blokland lettermodel.org
Matthew Butterick’s Practical Typography default.aspxpracticaltypography.com/index.html
FontBlog blog.fontshop.com† (see especially blog.fontshop.com/category/using-type/)
FontShop fontshop.com/news
Fonts in Use fontsinuse.com
Fontstruct fontstruct.com
Identifont identifont.com
I Love Typography ilovetypography.com (John Boardley, ed)
Indra Kupferschmid kupferschrift.de (Indra Kupferschmid)
Gerry Leonidas leonidas.org
Letterform Archive letterformarchive.org
Metaflop metaflop.com
Method of Action method.ac
Microsoft Typography Group www.microsoft.com/en-us/Typography
James Mosley typefoundry.blogspot.com
Prototype prototypo.io
Dan Reynolds typeoff.de
Typedia typedia.com
Typedrawers typedrawers.com
Typefacts typefacts.com
Typographic typographica.com
Typorn typorn.org
Typography Guru typography.guru
Typographic Posters typographicposters.com
Typotheque (essays and writing) typotheque.com/articles

Type foundries and distributors worth following
(Note: there are more type designers making good work today than I could possibly catalog; many of them own or work with, for, or through these firms)
Bold Monday
Commercial Type
Dalton Maag
DSType Studio
Dutch Type Library
Ex Ljbris
Font Bureau
Fontshop (and Next Fontshop)
Frere-Jones Type
Grilli Type
Klim Type Foundry
Okay Type
Optimo Type Foundry
Process Type Foundry
Production Type
Rosetta Type Foundry
St Bride Library
Swiss Type Foundry
Type Together

Type/design organizations worth following
Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI)
Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum
Museum Plantin Moretus
Type Directors Club (TDC)
Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA)

Type/design degree and research programs worth following
Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (ANRT)
Ecole Cantonale D'art De Lausanne (ECAL)
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (KABK)’s Type]Media
University of Reading’s Master of Arts in Type Design (MATD)
Werkplaats Typografie

Relevant graphic designers, studios, artists
Otl Aicher†
Phillippe Apeloig
Philip Baines
Marian Bantjes
Michael Bierut
Max Bill†
Neville Brody
David Carson
Wim Crouwel
De Valence
Experimental Jetset
Karl Gerstner†
Jost Grootens
Jost Hochuli
Max Huber†
Marcia Lausen
Herb Lubalin†
Karel Martens
Bruce Mau Studio
Josef Müller-Brockmann†
Otto & Marie Neurath/Isotype†
Walter Nikkels†
Willem Sandberg†
Juriaan Schrofer†
Erik Spiekermann/Edenspiekermann
Edward Tufte
Massimo Vignelli†
Wolfgang Weingart
H.N. Werkmann†

010/NAi Publishers (Dutch/English)
Éditions B42 (French/English)
Gestalten Publishers (German/English)
David R. Godine Publishers
Hyphen Press
Lars Müller Publishers (German/English)
Occasional Papers
Princeton Architectural Press
Roma Publishers (Dutch/English)
Taschen Books
Thames & Hudson Publishers
Unit Editions
Valiz Publishers (Dutch/English)