Gürtler’s TM RSI SGM cover script (2018)
Animation of the 677 permutations of the reconstructed design space of the script that André Gürtler created for the cover of the March 1966 Typographische Monatsblätter (below). The script—one of a handful of scripts and patterns of script components Gürtler created for covers that year—was based on calligraphy exercises that Gürtler used in his courses at the Basel School of Design. The text reads:
(Image courtesy of The Letterform Archive.)

All the valid glyphs in Gürtler’s script in the space as I’ve reconstructed it are any single or combination of two non-touching or overlapping shapes. The 26 letters of the script (again, as I’ve reconstructed them; the f, j, k, q, w, and z are my best guesses at completing the set of letters) are shown below.
And here are all 677 possible glyphs:
Animations and stills made in Python with DrawBot.