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>Calcula, by Shiva Nallaperumal (review), on >Typographica (October 2018)

‘Orit Halpern, Beautiful data: A history of vision and reason since 1945’ (review essay). Perspectives on politics, December 2017 (>pdf)

MuirMcNeil’s >Cut and >TwoPlus, and Artur Schmal’s >Kufam Latin (reviews), on >Typographica (July 2017)

My discussion of the fonts used in Princeton Architectural Press's >Square circle triangle, its reprint of Bruno Munari's iconic books on the shapes and their appearances in the natural and human-built worlds, on >Fonts in Use. A little bit of type history. (August 2016)

Studio Joost Grootens’s and Optimo’s >Ceremony (review) on >Typographica (May 2016)

MuirMcNeil’s >TwoPoint, ThreePoint, FourPoint, and TenPoint and Thomas Thiemich’s >Fakt Slab Stencil on >Typographica (March 2015)

Thomas Thiemich's >Remo/Remo Plus (review) on >Typographica (March 2014)

>Max Bill kontra Jan Tschichold: Der Typografiestreit der Moderne (review essay) by Hans Rudolf Bosshard, on >Typographica (January 2014)

>The Elements of Typographic Style version 4.0, by Robert Bringhurst (review essay), on >Typographica (February 2013)